I am an office worker/soon to be alumni of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver who has been to Australia three times, soon to be four. Since my significant other follows the winter teaching snowboarding for a living, I’ll probably be back there a whole lot more.

The first time I went to Australia, I was surprised at how many differences there were between Canadian and Australian English. I’ve been keeping track of slang words, differences in grammar, and even differences in available items at the grocery store. This blog won’t strictly consist of only Australian words, nor will it really be updated every day (I just thought the name sounded catchy). However, I’m a recent literature graduate who needs to practice her writing, and musing on Australian language and culture seems as good an outlet as any.

If you are Canadian, my hope is that this blog will give you an insight into Australian culture. If you are Australian, my hope is that this blog will allow you to see how others see your country. But no matter who you are, I hope you will be entertained.


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