No Perogies in Australia

It’s Wednesday night. You’re tired as hell and don’t really want to cook but need a satisfying dinner. You head to the store and pick up a pack of frozen cheemo perogies, an onion or two, and some Kolbassa sausage, fry it all up, and congratulate yourself on feeding a family of five for under fifteen dollars. Except you don’t do any of that, because you’re in Australia.

When I first realized that frozen perogies do not exist in Australia, I was in shock. Perogies are a staple in Canadian cuisine. For the Australians out there, perogies are polish dumplings made with various fillings such as potatoes, spinach, mushrooms, or meat. There are also dessert varieties such as strawberry and blueberry, but the most common are those filled with mashed potatoes, cheese, and onion. They are usually served with sour cream, are incredibly delicious, and are most importantly, cheap.

I have two theories as to why perogies don’t exist in Australia. One, perogies are a fairly heavy dish, not suitable for the harsh heat of long Australian summers.  Two, Polish and Ukrainian cultures have long been integrated into Canadian identity, as these people pioneered the unforgiving Canadian prairies over 100 years ago. Not so in Australia. Here, the core culture has a decidedly British flavour.

No matter. One day I will start a frozen perogy business here and make my first million. Australia doesn’t know what it’s missing.  


One thought on “No Perogies in Australia

  1. Let’s band together and start that business! I can remember the shock I felt when my husband (then boyfriend) asked me at the fair in Vancouver “What’s a perogy?” as we were in the food section and one of the most popular giant stands makes amazing perogies. “What do you mean what’s a perogy?!” That was one of the first things that blew my mind about the differences between Australians and Canadians.

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