Arc Up

I’ve heard this one a lot in Australia, but funnily enough, the incident that made this word memorable happened in Canada. Actually, it happened while crashing at an Aussie friend’s house in Whistler, so I guess one could argue that this event DID happen in Australia. Anyways, while relaxing in the evening, a commercial that was slightly offensive to women appeared. The exchange went roughly like this between the two Aussies sitting on the couch:

“That’s sexist!”

“What do you care? You’re not a woman.”

“Yeah, but if women are going to keep complaining about sexism, we may as well start arcing up about it.”

So, “arcing up” as I understand it, means to bitch or complain about some general issue in an unnecessarily enthusiastic or belligerent way. If anyone thinks I’m wrong, go ahead and arc up at me.


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