Not to be restricted to rednecks with southern drawls, reckon is alive and well in the Australian lexicon. When I use this word in Canada, I’ll get odd looks, depending on the company I’m in. Some people smile, some snicker, and some give me an incredulous and condescending, “you reckon do you?One friend even told me point blank that I sounded illiterate, but I am a staunch believer in using this word. It sounds a lot less know-it-all-y than “I think” which, let’s face it, get’s repetitive after awhile. Knowingly trying to bring back a less pretentious word might simply make one even more pretentious, but in any case, my inner English grammar nerd (re: inner nihilistic hipster) gets a kick out of bringing back this word that no one else in Canada seems to want.


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