Once upon a time, when my boyfriend was just a crush, I sent him a text asking him if he wanted to head to a bar at the ski resort we both worked at, and got a single word reply – “Oath”. I was confused. The previous tone of our conversation and the use of a single word reply suggested that yes, this good looking person DID want to drink beer with me. However, crush ridden and insecure as I was, I had to ask.

After talking to Matt and a few other Aussies at the bar later that night, I discovered that “oath” is generally used as a strong affirmation, somewhat equivalent to “definitely” or “for sure”. It seemed like people used it more to agree with general statements their mates were making rather than for agreeing to meet up. However, my overanalytical brain decided that Matt said “Oath” and not just “yes” because he was just that excited to see me. In hindsight, he was probably just stoked to have a few beers, but the thought made me feel good about myself at the time.


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